What store has a black large modern chain tote available?

  1. OK I have sold my black leather cabas bag and am now ready to get the black modern chain as I adore my red one. My SA at my Chanel boutique has been looking for two weeks and can't find one at other boutiques. Anyone know who has one available to sale at any store?

  2. You can try calling Shannon, my SA @ NM. When I picked up my red, I think she had a large black one. . . can't remember, anyhow, she can do a quick search for you in the NM computer to see if any store has one.
  3. Are you looking for the large in the tote? I have one that I am not going to keep. As I understand from Amanda we cannot sell to another PFer, but I just got mine and it is in the box w/ tag on it. I am considering sending it back to Bloomingdales in NYC. That is why I was asking if you were looking for a large tote. You can PM me if you want the info on my tote and SA.
  4. I believe my NM has one left.
  5. I hate to tell you because I've been considering buying it up myself, but the Chanel boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue in Beachwood, Ohio has one.
  6. That is a very hard handbag to find through NM. I just fiiiinally found one for one of my customers, and it took me a week to get one of the stores to give it up...you should try maybe Michigan Avenue or Westchester...