What store def. has this cambon on sale?

  1. Does anyone know what Saks def. has these bags in stock on sale? I am tired of calling Saks.......
    My sister placed a order with N Marcus but it was only 30% off so I said I will try to find them at Saks 40% off.

    The pink Cambon bag with black CC with the little pockets outside, one SA called it the camera bag another the reporter bag. It retails for 3,175. measurements are 12 inches across, 8 inches tall 5-51/2 bottom size.

    The next bag is the pink cambon tote 10 inches tall, 8 wide and 4 1/2 on the bottom. Retails for $1,275.00.

    Also looking for the pink cambon wallet-anyone will do.

    I appreciate any help. Most Saks do not open till 12:00 today and the ones I called did not have what I wanted.
  2. I saw the pink tote at NM in Tampa they had a about 3 shelves of the pink Cambon. As far as the reporter bag it was reg. 3-something and it was marked down to 2-something. But it was the beige color with CC's in black.
  3. The Saks and Neiman Marcus had a ton of pink stuff left. Saks was 40% off and NM was 30%. I went there two days in a row, and barely anything had been sold. Definitely worth calling.
  4. My sister got a Cambon pochette from NM @ Fashion Island, CA. There were quiet a few left then.
  5. I saw the pink w/black black reporter @ NM, Tyson's Galleria.

    Try calling, they still had a few when I left yesterday!