What stlye are you gonna buy for Violet?

  1. My fav is Day,Twiggy and Work.
    So it 'll be one of these.
    What's about yours :yahoo:?
  2. I'm listed for a Step/Stepping Out, and can't wait to see it!
  3. I would LOVE the makeup clutch for me!!!
  4. I am getting the Parttime. So excited......:heart:
  5. i am on the waiting list for the work! cant wait..
  6. I'm on the list for the matelasse!
  7. I'm on the waitlist for City, First and Day but I think I will get either the First or Day.
  8. i really want a city or a work in it... but i think a work might be too overpowering for me...
  9. I'm not on any waitlist, but I'd love to get a City in RH
  10. it's between the day or the work for me.

    I really want to see how the Money wallet and the makeup clutch look in violet as well...
  11. Im on the list for a City!! :graucho:
  12. I want either the day or twiggy, although that one pf'ers SGH part time made my heart skip a beat:heart:
  13. I'm getting a first! So very excited!
  14. Twiggy!
  15. Either the city with RH or first xx Soo excited, but maybe I should go on a list, can you get on a list at Selfridges?