What started your CL craving?


Beauty is Within
Jan 9, 2008
Hello everyone, I know the search function is down and I apologize if such a thread already exist, but I am just curious to know what started your individual CL craving. Personally, I believe I noticed my first pair of CL's on one of the Olsen's that was in January of this year and now to date I have 4 pairs and one on the way(so that is roughly 1 pair/month) so come on in and do tell what started your love of Christian Louboutin:love:


Material Girl
Mar 27, 2008
I used to be in love with cork heels and as I was doing a search for them, I came across Jessica Simpson wearing the Bruges. My initial thought...cute, cute, cute...and they have bright red soles! Interesting...I must have a pair!!


Dec 7, 2006
Two years ago I saw a pair in a resale shop. Tried them on, they were too small but boy did I love the sexiness. Think they were Pigalles. First pair I actually purchased were the pink espadrilles. Now I am hooked....


Apr 19, 2007
My wedding planning started my cravings and the need for nice wedding shoes, I have known about the brand for a while but the highest of the heels put me off a little, seeing the ladies here rocking theirs made me realise that not only do they look good, they also give off an air of vaa vaa vroom!
hmm a few years ago during the time when Manolo was the "it" shoe, I had read about Louboutin and had just started paying attention to HE shoes - one day I was at NM LC and found a pair of red satin bow open toe sandals in my size, tried them on, and they were SO AWESOME. They were some of the most comfortable heels I'd tried on and so pretty! They were probably only $200 but back then it was a lot of money for me, and I really had no occasion to wear them. So I passed on that day, but I knew when I grow up I want some CLs. LOL

boston girl

Dec 22, 2007
I saw an photo spread in one of my fashion mags of what I remember to be three women dressed in simple black, backs turned walking away from the camera. All three were wearing sky-high, sexy black stilettos with red soles. I looked at the credits to see who made the shoes, and that was it. I was smitten!
Mar 5, 2008
I think 6 or 7 years ago, I saw a picture of the back of bright green, crepe Pigalle 120s. I loved the heel height and color. A few months ago, I saw almost the exact shoes for sale on ebay, but they were the 100s. I absolutely had to have them. They were my first Loubs, and I've been crazy about them ever since.