What Star Sign Are You Chanel Ladies?

  1. Hi girls!:flowers:

    As you can see from another thread I submitted my dear fiancee got me a Chanel for my birthday that is Oct 9th. Then a fellow PFer told me that her birthday is near mine and that she also asked for a Chanel! So I got the idea of starting this thread to see what star sign you are and whether that has anything to do with liking CHANEL:P
  2. I'm a Cancerian. :smile:
  3. I Love Chanel and I'm a Libra too (Oct. 10th). But, this year, I'm either gettin' myself (wish my hubby was as generous as yours!) a Miu Miu or a Fendi.
  4. I'm a Taurean and Chanel is my absoulute favorite! How I wish Coco was still alive today...
  5. I'm Capricorn and my bday is Jan 8th...typically I think Capricorns are very practical and buttoned up...I am to a point but NOT with my bags!!
  6. Aquarian here! :flowers:
  7. I'm on the cusp - Scorpio/Saggitarius, but I'm MUCH more of a Sagg:yes:
  8. I am a very fiesty Aries with a SERIOUS shopping problem, especially when it comes to Chanel handbags.
  9. I'm a Lioness.:queen:
  10. Libra here (okt 8) ........and i am a classic person just like Chanel :welcome:
  11. Meow! I am a Lioness like Smooth!
  12. Gemini - first one to reply - maybe not the last? Impulsive and flakey!
  13. Scorpio- my birthday soon, time for a new Chanel!
  14. I'm a LEO!! Woohoo, a little vain and fashion-focused definitely fits!
  15. ME too! Scorpio here
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