What stand out LV bags did you spot today?

  1. I know spotting LV threads have been done before so I apologize if this seems repetitive. I was aiming for those bag sightings where you see a bag that stands out bec. you don't often see it or a bag that just caught your attention for some reason.

    The ones I saw today...I saw a stunning woman in her 20's with a mono speedy 30 that had the blackest handles I'd ever seen in person. She had her bag open and sitting on the counter as she was paying.

    Then when I was outside the very same store, I saw a woman in her 70's toting a sharp looking bag and it looked like an epi alma, sure enough it was a dark brown epi alma, what a treat to see that.
  2. heehee...I stayed home all day...I saw a Red Epi speedy and a mono speedy sitting on my kitchen counter LOLOL
  3. The only notable bag I saw today was when I opened my cupboard in my office.....my Silver Miroir Keepall. :yahoo:
  4. I saw the nicest cerise speedy, mine......oh and a terrible fake looping bag....ewww
  5. I saw a Mono Bh, mono speedy and an Azur Speedy. They all looked great!
  6. I only spotted 1 LV today and it was a Black Epi Noe.
  7. I saw a epi leather petite noe in red w/ black handles and bottom as I passed by a cell phone shop.
  8. Lol none..went to the Post Office, Rite Aid and the grocery store.
  9. I saw a Neverfull MM.
  10. a silver Miroir bag....looked like an alma....it was so huge!:nuts:
  11. I saw a girl with neverfull..she was eyeing on my roxbury
    we smiled at each other..I almost asked her if she was from tPF :p
  12. i saw a beige josephine today. never saw anyone carry a mini monogram so i was like oooooo.


  13. a lovely blue denim speedy. :drool:
  14. well I not been anywhere today but yday I saw a silver pap (first time I have ever seen this bag IRL), dentelle speedy, mini lin speedy, nimbus, azur speedy....and a few others. I saw so many bags that I have only ever seen in the boutique not on ppl in the street. But I was on a little break in London so thats prob why! hehe!
  15. Silver Miroir Lockit - TDF (saw this on Monday while working out in the gym)