What SS08 Color(s) Did You Purchase??!!

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Which SS08 Color(s) did you purchase?

  1. Black

  2. White

  3. Thyme

  4. Bubblegum

  5. Magenta

  6. Sahara

  7. Sky Blue

  8. Electric Blue

  9. Coral Red

  10. Turquoise

  11. Yellow

  12. PASSED- I didn't buy anything from SS08

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  1. So now that SS08 colors are out, which color(s) did you buy?!?!

    Inquiring minds... :supacool:

    Pre-Collection Colors 2008:
    Electric Blue
    Baby Blue

    Collection Colors 2008:
    Coral Red
    Electric Turquoise
    Fluorescent Yellow
  2. none yet......but EB is calling my name. I can't decide on a style though.......courier, part-time, work or slim? I don't know. time will tell. how 'bout you?
  3. Have not bought anything yet, but would like to get EB in First :yes:
  4. Put a down-payment on a Bubblegum First yesterday and will be getting a Turquoise Twiggy when the Collection colours come out.
  5. Vert Thyme and Petal Pink.
  6. Vert Thyme, Petal Pink, and Light Magenta.
  7. Another one waiting for the EB.:whistle:
  8. Got PP so far...waiting on electric blue & turquoise now!
  9. none yet - i'm still recovering from FW07:sweatdrop:
  10. Waiting for EB (City or Step, still can't decide!) and a Pale Magenta WE... :girlsigh:
  11. I am thinking right now that I am going to pass on SS08. I didn't indulge in FW07, apart from two returns:

    LE Magenta City - just couldn't reconcile it with 05 Magenta :sad:
    Violet Part Time - gift for my Mom that I know she wouldn't love
  12. I think I'm gona pass on the spring colors and wait for FW08... but in the mean time, I will start hunting some oldies down... :p
  13. i am going to pass on the 08 colors ( i can't believe i just said that).
  14. I think you are all saying that now, but wait until EB comes out and it knocks our socks off! If it's like the Jimmy Choo EB, I can't wait to wear black and have that bag pop!

  15. Same here, I think :s