What Spring 2006 It bag have you purchased or waitlisted for or are you dreaming of?

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  1. Now that some time has passed since we first speculated on the It bag of the season, which IT bags have you all waitlisted for, purchased, or are considering seriously? If you have waitlisted or purchased how excited or happy are you with your choice?

    Any of the Below:
    The Chloe Edith?
    The YSL Muse?
    The B Bag or another Fendi Spy?
    The Dior Gaucho?



  2. Fendi B Bag.jpg




    Fendi bag 2.jpg
  3. Fendi bag 5.jpg

    Fendi bag 8.jpg

    Fendi bag 1 11.jpg


    Fendi white spy.jpg
  4. Wow. Every picture you post of the Edith looks better than the last! Where did that last pic come from?

    Oh, and I pre-ordered the Edith (in whiskey, though the chamois looks gorgeous, too). Very happy with my choice...can't wait to get it!
  5. I have in my possession already a honey Fendi Spy and a Dior medium gaucho in red. I love them both!!! I've also purchased other bags recently that are not considered "IT" bags, but I love them just as much. I buy what I like whether it's an "IT" bag or not.
  6. Hologram.jpg




  7. hmmm, right now, i wish i could get an LV epi pochette, wapity, and another b-bag - first - in colours magenta or turquoise or AMANDAS one! ;) i just love :love: b-bags and LV :love: and dior gaucho red or white - any size will do! hehehehe!
  8. scan0004.jpg




  9. I have pre-ordered the Whiskey Edith. I don't care for the other 'IT' bags for this year (rather prefer a BV or Chanel, if I could get a 2nd bag, but probably won't end up buying another bag this year). I have purchased a putty and black stam from s/s '06 collection recently and LOVE THEM!
  10. scan0007.jpg



  11. P1010004.JPG




    Dior Gaucho I purchased but put up on ebay.
    Otherwise I have preodered the Edith, B Bag, and Muse and purchased the Honey spy which I may put on ebay as well.
  12. I have the muse...pre-ordered Edith (but I am still not sure about this one)...I tried the b. Fendi (absolutely not me!)...don't really like the gaucho...and am "done" with Jimmy Choo bags (no interest).

    I have some other recent purchases that I adore...
  13. I have the gaucho medium......pre-ordered the Edith (I'm with SoCal....not sure about this one).
  14. I have the Muse, pre-ordered the Edith in whisky, also added a Chanel Cambon tote in beige with the black CCs.
  15. Would love to see pics of the Cambon when you get it!