What speedy is this bag?

  1. What number of speedy are the bags below?

    Ashley%20Tisdale-1.jpg Ashley%20Tisdale-16.jpg
  2. 30?
  3. I would say 30 also
  4. That's what I would have said too :yes:
  5. is that the same bag that Jessica Simpson always carries round cuz her always sags really bad? I really want one but I don't want it to sag like hers!
  6. ^^Yes but you can put a magazine or piece of cardboard in the bottom to decrease it.
  7. Yup, both are Speedy 30's.

    I've seen Jessica carry around the Speedy in Mongoram Canvas and in Monogram Multicolore canvas.

    To prevent a Speedy from sagging, I suggest reading through this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-reference-library/how-do-you-prevent-your-speedy-from-sagging-97238.html
  8. Yes it's a 30.
  9. Aw, I love Ashley Tisdale.

    Shes a sweetheart, and she owns both the mono speedy 30 and multicolor speedy 30 in white.

    The girl loves her LV!
  10. 30, yep put something at the bottow to prevent sagging. But at the end of the day if you dont like sagging, then maybe the speedy isnt for you?
  11. Jessica's Monogram speedy is a 35.
  12. Yep, Jess's speedy is a 35!