What Specs do you define when ordering?

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  1. For a normal order (not a SO), can anyone enlighten me on what you get to choose or provide specifications for a Birkin?

    I had assumed the following:

    • Leather
    • Size
    • Hardware (Palladium or Gold)
    Is there anything else that one needs to consider (e.g., stitching or inner lining)?

    My question is NOT for special orders but the standard ones (PO?).

  2. For a normal Podium Order, the specs you listed are all you have to consider.

    POs are placed as part of the store's inventory, so they will not do the fancy dandy specs like different linings or contrast stitching etc.

    SOs are a whole different ballgame altogether ....
  3. Colour.
  4. lol most impt spec- COLOUR
  5. color and the placement of the color on the bag is you do a bi or tri color SO. and yes, if you do a SO you can also choose stitching colors as well.
  6. for a PO only color hardware and size and of course what type of bag
  7. My specs go by 1.) style, 2.) colour, 3.) leather, 4.) size and 5.) hardware.

    When I ordered my birkin in spring of 2005 I was also asked, whether I wanted white stitching or according to colour of bag (which is what I chose).

    Good luck! :smile:
  8. You named everything!
  9. personally i go for everything like color leather hardware stitching wax finshing on handles and back spine of the bag even to the exact way the satmp should come like ill say that if the hermes paris stamp is not to my liking i will not accept the bag im a bit intense and picky but my store manager loves it because he checks all his bags by my standards now i even ask for a more rigid bottom for the bag and ask for a more sturdy leather and in exotics o my the list goes on and on but thats another story ! anyway hope it helps birkel

  10. I love this post birkel! Gosh - I didn't know you could specify this - hurry back RG!

    (Does a contrast lining birkin come with an automatic contrast clochette?)
  11. How can you tell if it is a fake hermes crocodile birkin?
  12. Birkel - that is way COOL that you can specify all this stuff! It's not a bad thing to have the clout to raise the bar for your respective H store. Thanks for sharing what is possible.

    EOE - thank you for the responses. It helps as I did not know what to expect.

  13. A contrast lining SO bag should normally come with a contrast lining clochette unless you specify otherwise.
  14. sure you can i love it i had a lagoon ordered with black wax so that it looks more like my blue jean that i simply abuse because i love it so much !!! so yes you can i never wear brown so i do it and you have no idea how much it changes a bag like parchemin imagine that or boganvilia so different it dictates almost what colour it matches best with but i think it should match me so i have done .
  15. Thank you castorny:smile:
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