What sorority are/were you in?

  1. After seeing the thread on where everyone went to college, I figured I'd start one for all the sorority girls (past and present!). So girls, what sorority are you a member of? Please post your sorority name, college name, and the year you were initiated.

    Me- Gamma Phi Beta, George Mason University, 2004.
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  2. Alpha Chi Omega :tup:!!! I think I was initiated in 2004. We didnt have Gamma Phi Beta at U of R :sad:
  3. Delta Phi Epsilon, University of British Columbia--Initiated 1996.
  4. Alpha Chi Omega here too.
  5. Delta Delta Delta, University of Miami, initiated in fall 2003.
  6. Delta Gamma, Willamette University, initiated 1986!!
  7. <> <> <> Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Delta Chapter, University of Arkansas. Initiated Fall 2001! <> <> <>
  8. Delta Gamma, UCLA..long time ago LOL
    Mom and grandmothers were DGs as well, at Ole Miss and OSU.
  9. sigma kappa alpha phi chapter university of oregon 2001...alas our chapter is no more, but there is one at oregon state.
  10. Hi Sister!

    Alpha Delta Pi, Vanderbilt University/University of Georgia, initiated 1992.
  11. ^^ Yay, hi Sister! Pi :heart:! <>
    I wanted to go to Vandy!
  12. Sigma Kappa, Theta Tau Chapter at Kansas State University. Initiated 2006.
  13. alpha delta pi!!!
  14. ^^Another sister! Yay! I believe Sparkles48 is an ADPi alum too.
  15. I Tappa Keg intiated junior year high school.

    some of you might of heard of our brothers, the fraternity

    I Coppa Toke