What song is better to buy as ringtone

  1. Which song is better in your point of view: Big Poppa by Biggie or Cant Hold Me Down by Diddy and Mase?
  2. Can't hold me down, I guess. Or get both? :P
  3. What's wrong with the one you got w/ your phone?
  4. may i suggest girls just wanna have fun? :happydance:

    honestly though, it depends on what carrier you're using. they all use different snippets of each song.
  5. For my boyfriend I have the kelis part of busta ryhmes "i love my b*tch"

    so when he calls it says "i love my baby yup yup i love you boy" lol
  6. I have the Jaws theme song as my ringer! LOL
  7. Big Poppa sounds better if it's actual music.

    (Virgin Mobile doesn't have the other one.)

    Mine is the Monty Python theme song. (And then certain people have special rings. My dad has the Benny Hill theme song.)
  8. I think the P.Diddy so is better.