What soap do you use?

  1. I'm looking for a new body soap or wash. I'm tired of the products I use, usually something from Bath and Body works....
    I just found a soap company that I like, it's called Mistral soap, very rich and creamy, but not so easy to find...
    What's your favorite soap?
  2. I like DOVES Exfoliating bar.
  3. i loooooooove mistral. they sell it at anthropologie, but the best source is their website. i love the south seas scent, or the lavendar with the herbs de provence in it. it's becoming easier to find, so stick to it!
  4. I bought it at anthropologie, but haven't seen it anywhere else....I love the wild berry scent and the vanilla apricot, but it's not that easy for me to obtain and quite honestly, they are kind of pricey for everyday use!
  5. I just use Dove body wash. I used to use philosophy body washes but they really aren't worth the $$---they don't do anything special for your skin and the scents don't linger at all.

    Right now I am trying L'Occitane Amand shower oil b/c my skin is so dry--the jury's still out though.
  6. Oil of Olay extra dry skin body wash. Yeah, my skin does not take well to dry weather! I need me some humidity.
  7. Dove.
  8. doves beauty bar.
  9. Amazing Grace bodywash by Philosophy. Love it.
  10. I use Dove bodywash, I love it!
  11. ive been using dove's deep moisture body wash for 4 years now. i adore the stuff.
  12. Dove Beauty Bar - so moisturising
  13. Im a dove girl...in fact I think I should be on the next commercial ad....I really am a dove girl!
  14. Dove! I have been using it for years. In fact I think I like everything made my dove; deodorant, hair spray, lotion, etc.
  15. I use Neutrogena in the shower and follow up with a Skinceuticals Body Scrub. For my face, though, I use different products, either from MD Forte or Skinceuticals.

    But after reading your post and that of Amanda's about Mistral soap, I think I'll give it a try. I'm always looking for new things to fall in love with!:yes: