What so you think we'll see for S/S '07?

  1. The LV S/S '07 show will be on the 8th Oct what do you think we'll see or what do you hope to see?
  2. Something more affordable!!!:nuts:
  3. I hope to see more fun practical spring bags...I debating weather or not I should make a big bag purchase before the end of this year...or wait till next year for the new spring stuff to come out!!
  4. I have actually seen some of the Cruise bags. They're interesting.
  5. Got to agree with you lv_addict! I am a college student, I don't have that much money!
  6. I know there's gonna be some gorgeous denim!!!
  7. LOL! We can only hope!
  8. Murakami!!!
  9. Now that would be a treat! :yes:
  10. Murakami would be sweet!
  11. please please be murakami
  12. Colours ! More smiley faces on fruit, oh please let more fruit smile for us !
  13. hopefully something that's transcendental and not another fleeting exhibition of tackiness and vulgarity. :yes:
  14. my thoughts exactly. :yes:
  15. Duckie, you sound so POSH ! :P