What snaps you out of a bad mood?

  1. Lately? Laughing babies and cute animals. So distracting. :smile:
  2. coffee, it is always coffee
  3. a humourous hb
  4. Shopping!
  5. Ds
  6. today is was a bunch of kisses and a happy wagging tail from my husky
  7. a great "lost 80s" song!
  8. Shopping / Sleep
  9. Napping, reading (books, magazines, or the Sunday papers), going home from work early, making my SO's favorite soup and then watching him enjoy it, shopping by myself, wearing a pretty dress, red wine and cheese, my nieces and nephews, getting something free... and most of all, cuddling with my SO and talking the day over with him.
  10. a nice H bag will do.
  11. a kiss and some snuggle time w/ my puppies, a good Coke or Dr. Pepper, a song or two that brings back fun memories, favorite smells (candles, or scentsy) :smile:
  12. Amen to that. :coolio:
  13. Maru and cat videos on YouTube
  14. :sad:
  15. My son crossing his eyes!