What small wallet do you use with your mini?

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  1. I want to find a wallet that I could use with all my bags. I currently use a cardholder with my mini but its so over stuffed and impossible to find anything. Can anyone recommend a small, 6-card wallet? if possible, with a coin section too?

    The brand doesn't really matter though most of my accessories are Chanel or LV. A non-designer, black wallet is totally acceptable too.

    thanks so much!
  2. I've seen a lot of people use the LV Zippy for the minis.
  3. What I use is a Balenciaga Coin.

    It is the perfect size. Fits cards, ID, cash, other little items, and you can place coins in the front little zipper pocket or at the bottom of the main compartment.

    I still have room leftover in my Mini Flap for car keys and smartphone.

    I actually have a Balenciaga Lady Wallet that I take with me occasionally, but my Bal Coin is with me ALL the time.

    Hope that helps!
  4. You can check if Salvatore Ferragamo French Wallet (model code 227122 56608, height 3.5 IN length 4.3 IN) works. I use this wallet for my m/l classic flap, sometimes with my jumbo as well. Sometimes I use LV small zip wallet, but I think this Ferragamo French wallet might meet your need of 6-card wallet better. I don't have a mini, so not sure if it fits in the mini. Here is the pic and Ferragamo web link for the wallet. Good luck!:smile:


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  5. LV zippy compact
  6. I use my chanel card holder. It's awesome and I can still fit my other stuff in my rectangle minis
  7. Key pouches are good too. Chanel has some pretty camellia ones - you can fit credit cards and cash in. I like to use 2 pouches - one for keys and coins and other for cards and notes. Bottega veneta and Marc Jacobs also have colourful key/ coin pouches, and of course LV has their cles ranges.
  8. I use my Chanel zipper coin purse for my mini.

  9. Whoknowsx, I'm also looking for a small wallet/card holder that I can use with my m/l, mini or woc (i dont want to worry about changing around), I'm considering between the Hermes Calvi Card holder and the Chanel card holder, but they both don't have a coin section that you're looking for.

    Since you've already had the card holder, maybe you can get a coin purse to store the extra stuff and coins?
  10. If what you need is a small wallet with a coin section and room for 6 cards, take a look at the compact wallet by Tiffany & Co. It has an outside pocket that will fit 3-4 cards, plus an inside pocket that will fit 3-4 more cards...plus an inside compartment for bills and coins that also has two pockets that will fit 1-2 cards each! Here's mine:

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  11. I use one of these card holders in my mini. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392259648.151448.jpg . Sorry no idea on why this pic is so big!
  12. I use LV zcp or burberry card holder if i need to squeeze more stuff in my bag. HTH
  13. I have thought about using my key cles :smile:
  14. I use the LV men's pocket organizer. There are 5 pockets, but they are roomy enough for 2 (sometimes 3!) cards in each slot. There's also an outside pocket and an inside receipt slot. Fits nicely in my WOC with my iphone and room to spare.
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    I use my S-portefeuille double wallet with all my Chanel bags, M/L flap, Medallion, GST and Mini. It has 6 card slots, coin section and receipt slot. Fits well to Mini with iPhone, lipgloss and passport too (I love to use my Mini when travelling). ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392306042.058534.jpg