~*What "small leather goods" or accessories are available this season?*~

  1. Hi all!
    As a newbie to Balenciaga *hooray :yahoo:*, I wanted to lead myself in nice and slow - and so thought I'd start with something small for my very first piece (as opposed to a bag)...but I was just wondering: what styles of small leather goods are available in stores this season?

    I quite like the idea of their coin purses, and also their make-up clutches/flat clutches but when it comes to knowing what's currently available in stores - I'm clueless!

    All comments/pictures welcome :flowers:

  2. It depends where you shop tbh! Colours out at the moment are white, black, vert fonce (olive), tabac, mastic, tomato, ocean, mogano etc! Coming out in fall are jaune and violet!
  3. Pine (Vert Foret) will also be coming out in the Fall... In addition to the coin purse and MU clutch you mention, there's also the mini matelasse, some oval clutches leftover from last season, the various wallets (compagnon, mini compagnon, money), the traveller, etc. Are you located in a city/town where you have access to seeing Bbags IRL? That would be your best bet, I think.
  4. I believe the following accessories are coming out this season:

    • mini coin purse
    • money wallet
    • compagnon wallet
    • giant hardware flat/envelope clutch
    • le pochette

    not sure what else :shrugs:

  5. Thank you :biggrin: