What SLG's to use in my Beige Caviar Jumbo?

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  1. Hiya ,

    I was wondering if you can help please , as not sure what to use in my new purchase .

    My Chanel SA has advised me to only use light colours , whether it's in lambskin or caviar .

    As she said the darker colours may mark the inside of the beige leather interior .

    Thank you & looking forward to your replies . X
  2. I've never had any problems with my beige caviar flap

    In fact the Chanel SA in Paris told me not to worry about color transfer and she was right

    Not sure why your SA told you differently
  3. So glad you posted this - I just purchased a preloved jumbo in beige clair caviar and was wondering the same thing. I've ordered an LV wallet in dune just to be safe.
  4. Oh no I have never heard of that (Something else to worry about).

    All my SLG are black Caviar and LV monogram.. My SA has never warned me that dark SLG cold transfer to the beige, But I will ask tomorrow..

  5. Look forward to hearing if your SA says any different .
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