What Skins You Got???

  1. I thought it might be fun to list the Hermes Skins/Leathers we have for our bags? Don't say what kind of bag you have unless you want to but do indicate what you like about that Skin/Leather.

    I'll start ~

    1. Togo
    2. Vache Ardennes
    3. Vache Liegee
    4. Lizard
    5. Croc
    6. Ostrich
    7. Vibrato
  2. Chevre
    Vache Natural
  3. Togo - Moderately sturdy but too much so - I like the graining also.
    Clemence - Soft (not stiff)
  4. Barenia - the queen of my collection. Adore the rich, well-oiled suppleness of the leather, the smoothness. The patina is just divine - this bag radiates warmth. Feels timeless. Love that scratches rub out. It has a big, deep character, an old soul. It tells a story.

    VN - love the patina here too (I almost consider VN to be barenia's cousin) - I can't even imagine what this bag was like new! Love that it keeps its structure and shape. It has a lot of class.

    courchevel - on a very vintage black Kelly sellier. I like that it has kept its shape, but to be honest, I would not buy this leather again (am not a fan of epsom either). I prefer more natural leathers. I like scuffs. I like for a leather to respond to touch.

    clemence - I'm new to clemence, but love the floopy slouchiness!! Big fan. Have it in a picotin, which feels like the perfect combination. Great casual leather for me. I love the grain - this is new for me! My first naturally grained bag!

    box - I have vintage box only. Amazing patina, incredibly elegant and sophisticated. It dresses me up immediately. I can't be casual with box in my hand.

    togo - a "pre-loved" Birkin with many, many scuffs (I think it was used as a travel bag!) that the spa can't treat. I never knew this bag when it was new. Still holds some shape, which is a miracle. I would really like to try togo out new for myself.
  5. clemence - in a picotin - squooshy and smells great, suits the Picotin

    vache liegee - Kelly and Bolide - smells great - the smell isn't often mentioned but you get a real 'hit' when you unpack it from the dustbag and I love the texture and structure it gives these bags, it has a bit of everything this leather - smooth and texture, sheen and matte. Much better in real life - not very photogenic but great if you like structure and lightness - my Kelly is softening slightly over time, could be the retourne style as my Bolide is as structured as ever. Gold in VL is paler than other leathers.

    swift - my new Birkin, so soft and sheeny and tactile with a hint of texture - it looks quite flat until close up and against the light. It's my favourite at the moment because it's the newest, lol. It's the only leather bag I have that has no smell that I can discern.
  6. Clemence Kelly, Box Kelly, Box Constance, Togo Birkin.

    My favorite: BOX
  7. Box Calf
  8. Vache Liegee
  9. Togo (:heart: it! I am the biggest klutz and considering the places my bag goes - togo is a fab choice (for me)!).

    Clemence (used to own and plan on getting more clemence bags in the future! LOVE the slouch!!!)

    Chevre (used to own and plan on purchasing again! LOVE the lightweight of chevre skin and it's structure).

    Veau Evergrain
    (used to own and I don't think I will buy it again - not a fan how easy it scratches).
  10. Vache Natural LOVE but not for fait hearted!
    V.L. Love light structured smells heavenly
    Chevre love the grains
    Box of course who doesn't?
    Clemence the hand feel!
    Togo tough stuff!
  11. Chevre. I love it's softness but with structure and the way the light changes it. I have not yet had any problem with scuffs and I do use it everyday.
  12. Fun thread Sus!

    Buffalo Skipper
    Chevre de Coromandel
    Matte Croc Niloticus
    Matte Lizard

    The first four I love because they are so low maint and worry-free.
    CDC I love because of the texture and sheen

    The last two I love b/c they represent understated elegance that works for my life-stage and environment.

    Am awaiting and looking forward to adding Vache Liagee to the mix and hopefully a shiny Croc Porosus down the road.
  13. If we can include accessoires, I'd like to put agneau on the list.
  14. ooh yes! My Bolide is lined in lamb and it feels like silk :love:
  15. togo - durable but too heavy for 35cm birkin
    courcheval - lightweight
    box - love the patina over time, esp vintage kellys
    ostrich - lightweight and love all colors in ostrich!
    porosus croc - lightweight & what can i say...i'll take croc anyday!!
    vache liagee - i just sniffed my new birkin and ur right!! it does smell good!
    clemence - i have it in a 32cm kelly and OMG it slouches so bad!!
    fjord - thick leather. love it in the 30m birkin. gives it sort of a matte chalky look
    chevre mysore - have this in accessories and i love the sheen!