What Skins Can Violet Be Made In/With?

  1. What Skins Can Violet Be Made In/With? For Birkin Or Kelly. I Am Definitely Lusting Over Something Violet (I Have Nothing H ~ Besides Scarves In This Color). If I Ever Got The Chance On A Bag In Violet, It Would Be Amazing....
  2. I have only ever seen Violet listed as available in Chevre Mysore on the leather availability list (and even then the supply was listed as somewhat limited) -- however with the state of Chevre leathers today, it might be difficult to find/order a Violet Chevre Mysore piece. Also, as of last podium, chevre orders were only being accepted for bags smaller than 32 cm.

    But, as Lilach stated, if you are a VIP, certain leather/color combos are certainly more readily available.
  3. Here is mine violet chevre kelly 28.:heart::tender:
  4. Pic Courtesy Nyfashionexpert --- Very rare 30cm Birkin in Chevre

  5. MrsM ~ Chevre Mysore ~ Ohhh Does That Sound Lovely:heart:....As Both You & Lilach Have Stated, Yes, I'm Sure It Is Limited....Thank You Both:heart:
  6. 28 Is My Favorite :heart::heart::heart:
  7. How about a Violet Croc? :drool::drool:


    Credit: eBay (createurs*de*luxe)
  8. luxurylife88, your Kelly is Stunning:heart::heart::heart:!!! I have always wanted a bag in Violet, which is why I know a bit about this color;),.....but I really like BIG bags and it was hard to order a larger size and so I *hopefully* have had to settle for a bag lined in this color along with some accessories. Thanks for sharing your lovely pic!

  9. :drool: MrsM......I Need It.........It's So Peferct.....:heart::heart::heart:
  10. Move Over Chevre.....The Croc Is Mine:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  11. AGREE
  12. Violet Would Be A Gorgeous Lining!!!
  13. Both Chevre & Croc.....I Am Just Sitting Here......Looking @ Them So Happily