What Skin Care Products are you Currently Using?

  1. Hi everyone!! just thought it would be fun to see which skin care products everyone is currently using at the moment..or can't live without?

    for me..
    I finished using my Lancome Pure Focus (moistrurizing lotion) and realized that my skin didn't get worse..but i don't think it got better..though it was quite absorbant and it has a nice fragrance to it
    now..I am currently using..
    1) Vichy Bi-White essence
    (it's my 2nd tube..but I don't think it is working..in fact, I think my dark spots got bigger..:crybaby: )

    2) Shiseido White Lucent Britening Moisturizing Emulsion
    (i love shiseido :smile: it's a little bit on the oily side but yet it's kinda refreshing)

    3) Estee Lauder Nutritious UV Protector SPF50/PA++
    i really like the smell! so far loving it..and the way it is packaged..red and wite seem elegant together! :kiss:

    what about you? what are you currently using??:p
  2. Hi!

    I am using basic Cetaphil gentle cleanser in AM and Cetaphil gel cleanser to remove my make-up.

    Cle de Peau eye make-up remover.

    I use Vivier Vitamin C 20% on my face, neck and eyes.

    Cellcosmet eye contour cream.

    Cellcosmet ultra vital moisterizer.

    Skinceuticals UV Defence SPF 30

    Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask that I use maybe once a month.

    I really, really want to get Kate Sumerville's Kate in a Jar facial scrub but need an American friend to forward my purchases.
  3. This is so fun!! I love to hear what other people are using!

    Currently, this is my routine:

    1. Dermologica mild facial cleanser: Mild and doesn't leave me feeling dry.

    2. Skinmedica's TNS Recovery Complex: It's a red gel that smell horrid but really makes my skin brighter. It's also supposed to start lightening my freckles a little bit which is great.

    3. Kinerase lotion w/ SPF 30: I actually mix this w/ the TNs and apply all over my face and neck.

    On a really cold day I like to use Kiehl's thick motisturizer on my face. It's heavier, but feels really nice on those frigid Chicago days we have in the winter.

  4. HaHa! I'm a cheapie!!

    1. Oil of Olay Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin w/ spf of 15 on my face

    2. Night of Olay Lifting cream on my eyes and neck.

    3. To exfoliate, I simply use St. Ives Apricot scrub.

    4. If I have a break-out, I use a little bit of Retina-Micro, then the next day exfoliate, and moisturize!
  5. o:huh:O* thanks for all the input girls!! :biggrin: it's so fun hearing what everyone is using!!
    i have to add one more on my list that I forgot to add..

    4) clinique toner number 2..
    i used to use number 3 and I like it better so i think i might switch back!!
  6. I use mostly Institut Esthederm products,
    Cleanser: Calming Cleansing Milk
    Moisturizer: Bio-Nutritive Essential light texture cream

    I also use Estee Lauder Perfectionist serum, and Future Perfect eye cream.
  7. I'm kind of going through a skin crisis right now, but I'm using Olay Hydrate and Cleanse cleanser, its gentile and dosnt irritate my SUPER sensitive skin (unlike the countless other ones I've tried lately). I actually have to use a washcloth to exfoliate with the cleanser on it, other exfioliaters are too harsh at the moment. I then apply Sweet almond oil (found in natural food stores for $4) to moisturise while my face is still dripping wet. This is the BEST moisturiser Ive ever used and i have tried just about everything. Its natural and honestly how could you beat the price? That is my night time routine... In the morning I just use the cleanser (no washcloth) and sweet almond oil, followed by my make up.
  8. La Mer - Cleanser
    Dessert Essence - Jojoba oil as a moisturizer
  9. Oh boy.....where to start........I cleanse with my Clairsonic brush and Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser. Then I apply Oil of Olay eye cream (I read a study they did saying the Oil of Olay products worked better than any others they had tested!)
    Then I use Bioelements Multi Task Eye Cream and Eye Oil (at night) or MAC Fast Response Eye Cream (for day).
    Bioelements Quick Refiner at night to resurface the skin.
    Bioelements Pro-Botix (night)
    Bioelements Everyday Protector (day) or Sleepwear at night.
    I alternate a weekly masque of:
    Bioelements Gel Therapy
    Bioelements Cremetherapy
    and 50% Glycolic Acid Peel.

    But sometimes I use alot of Pharmagel products, or Darphin and also love some of the other Oil of Olay products like the night cream and the Anti-Wrinkle cream....I'm just out of those right now.
  10. Well I own a spa so I use very many. But currently I'm using alot of Red Flower Japan and Malie Kauii.

  11. Oooh I need to try the almond oil! Great idea!

    Right now I use:

    Nutribiotic Cleanser *no animal testing, found in health food stores*

    Ole Hendrickson *sp??* Eye Cream

    Kiehl's Ultra Moisturizer--tinted and normal
  12. I am a loyal, loyal, loyal Dermologica addict who depends on daily microfoliant, cream cleaner and power rich moisturiser to see me through the whole of life! I use a mask once a week and that changes - at the moment it is a By Terry one that I got as a gift when buying foundation at Space NK.
  13. I'm using,

    Cetaphil cleanser
    Ego moisturiser
    Differin gel or skinoren

    I used to have horrible skin, now thanks to these, it's better. =)
  14. I have a huge variety but at the moment I am using Arcona tea toner bar with Clarisonic brush for cleanser, Sonya Dakar spray toner for scarring (don't have scars so much but like the ingredients and smell), seaweed liposome gel for maintenance (as my moisturizer b/c I'm oily), and the collection of my favorite eye creams included Natura Bisse diamond biolift eye, Arcona eye dew, Revive eye renewal cream, Lamer eye balm, and I just picked up those Olay regenerist derma eye pods.....I also use Retin A at night or Bliss "the youth as we know it".
  15. Neutrogenia fresh foaming cleanser, Yonka creme 83 for day, Yonka 52 for night. I think the day cream is breaking me out so won't be using for too much longer. For eyes I alernate, day I have a sample of chanels firming eye cream, night lancome anti-wrinkle.