What sizes are Nicole Richie's Balenciaga Bag?

  1. I LOVE this bag...I think its a Turqouise, but is it a Work or a City that just looks huuuuuge on her?
    NR 5.jpg
    NR 44.jpg
    NR 52.jpg
    NR 53.jpg
    NR 59.jpg
    NR 60.jpg

    Also, this bag, which I thought was a theater rouge in a city?
    NR 79.jpg
    NR 77.jpg
    NR 68.jpg

    Thanks for the help!
  2. I think the blue is a work and red is city. I'm not much bigger than nicole (height or weight) and although I can put wear the double handles over my shoulder, its not very comfortable (very little extra room).

    Since we're about the same height, given how far the blue comes down I've got to say I think it's a work.

    Here's what the city looks like on my shoulder
  3. Is it even more impossible to find the turquoise in the work? :sad: :sad:
  4. Not sure about the blue color but the rouge is definitely a City size.
  5. Blue is work for sure. She mainly carries the city and first.
  6. you know what...the blue might be the weekender...the work is only 1" taller than the city...but what do i know.
  7. the work looks great on her. the blue is TDF. but i can't believe she's not wearing shoes and walking around the streets!! ew that's like a britney spears thing.
  8. I do believe that she's just gotten a mani-pedi. Look how she's holding her fingers akimbo.

    At least she's not going into gas station bathrooms like Brit-Brit. Yuck. :sick:
  9. i love nicoles b-bags!!!!!