What size watch face do you wear?

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  1. What size face do you wear and prefer most? I have 31mm (mid-size rolex), 33mm and 38mm (J12s) and 34mm (rolex air king) and also a roadster and others. Only qualm I'm having about the ballon bleu today is its face size - 36 mm for the medium. I'm hesitant about another larger face. The small ballon bleu is a 29 mm. But all SAs and friends tell me the medium is the best for me. I'm 5ft6 and 1/2 and 118 lbs.
  2. Forgot to mention that my most recent watch purchase is the Tag ceramic formula 1. That is also 37mm. I'm afraid in 5 years, everyone will be wearing tiny watches!
  3. I'm about the same size as you and I was originally going to go with the small BB (a few years ago), but now that I am closer to taking the plunge, I think the medium is a better size for me.

    My current watches are on the smaller side (25-30mm).

    I think the medium BB wears really nicely. I have very small wrists, so I do not want to go too large either.

    The small BB seems dainty, which I have plenty of already. If you are missing something like that in your collection, definitely consider it.
  4. I have a 26mm 2-tone ladies rolex so the small ballon is a little bigger than that one. But my Cartier SA strongly pushes the medium one on me.
  5. Go with the one that looks the best on you and fits your needs. At the end of the day it's what you want that matters. You'll end up returning or selling it if you don't get the one you love.

    I think both sizes are beautiful, but each will give you a different look.

    I wouldn't consider the SA's opinion too much. They make more off you with the medium!
  6. i wear 38mm most, i have a few smaller watches but don't really wear them. i think i don't like anything below 34mm. its so much easier to tell the time on a big watch! :smile:
  7. True. I wonder what they would say if I started trying on the small 2-tone. That costs more than the medium ss.
  8. invenio - That is an excellent point and one I forgot about! I cannot even read the phone #s in the yellow pages anymore. And I have trouble with washing instructions on the clothing label tags! Yes, medium is what I need - LOL!!!!!
  9. im in the same predicament with choosing the small or medium and I am the same size as you. When I tried on the medium I felt like it looked slightly larger than I like. I think for most people the medium is a good size, but if you have really tiny wrists then maybe no. I think the small size is more classic looking, but wish it came in automatic...
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    Not tiny, but the trend indeed will be away from huge faces. It's already being tracked in men's watches.

    29-33 is going to be more a durable range in the long term. The SA isn't concerned about five years from now.
  11. Tracky527 and jellyv - Both of you have great points! Such smart people on TPF! I also wish the small came in automatic. Perhaps the 2-tone does. Cartier opens in a few minutes so I will call. Also the small is a 29 which is a little bigger than the ladies rolex at 26. So confused.......
  12. Just got off phone with a jeweler - not the Cartier SA though. I asked her opinion of small vs medium. She said that they've been trying to return to small face watches for the last couple years and it is just not taking off. Then she mentioned that the mediums and bigger face watches are so much easier to read. She feels that the medium ballon bleu is a classic and won't go out of style in 5 years.
  13. I was just thinking the same thing. A medium size would be easier to read.
  14. Hoka: You seem very comfortable with the med size so I would go for it. It's definitely not so big that in time it would fall into the past-trend category. I wear 31mm most of the time and have med Tank F and the ladies Roadster (not mini) and love all of them. I tend not to go bigger than what I have only because I'm 5'2" and my wrists are small. Can't wait to hear about the purchase - know you're not techno friendly like me - so guess we won't get to see any pics :smile:.
  15. I'd love to put pictures up of all my watches because I think it would generate even more responses and opinions. But it is not on top of my to-do list! Today I have 1 child home sick from school and so many activities. I most likely will be purchasing the medium ss automatic ballon. Just want to do 1st week of November. On a whim, I bought a YG Glam Rock at Nordstroms. I did not have it sized cause it was an "impulse" purchase and I may return it. I think it is a "fun" watch but a lot of money for a "fun" watch. I want to keep it but know I should return it if I go through with the cartier.