What size turkey for 11 people?

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  1. Two of which are kids (one a two year old, another a 6 year old). The rest are adults with good appetites. We will want some leftovers too.

    I have NO CLUE!
  2. I think the rule is a pound per person for a whole bird, I remember seeing that when I held Thanksgiving at my house last year. Maybe add a few pounds for a healthy amount of left overs?
  3. If you want left overs I wouldn't get any less than 20 pds.
    I think we usually get a bigger one than that.
    We have about that amount give or take every Thanksgiving..... you need a
    big bird if you want leftovers! Plus some of our guests like to take some home too.
  4. Thanks! I'm trying to think what we tend to get just for the 4(5) of us and I think I usually get 14 lbs or so because we use it for leftovers for Friday and Saturday and sometimes Sunday! (Yes it is safe!)

    I'm thinking around 20 lbs is about right. Now I need to ORDER IT!
  5. It's recommended that if you go over 18 lbs that you get two smaller birds so it stays moister and juicier. We don't follow that rule though. :P Two turkeys are sooo much more a PITA.
  6. OMG, who has room to cook TWO turkeys? or two platters? or Two roasters? Well... I suppose I COULD as I have two roasters (one huge one smaller), but not two ovens!
  7. Last year we had 11 or 12 people (only one was a child) and we had a 17 lb turkey. We really didn't have that much left over.

    I second the recommendation for a getting 20 lb turkey! That's what I ordered this year...
  8. -- if you cook the turkey breast down, all the juices run into the breast, and it becomes amazingly juicy! Unfortunately, you don't get the pretty golden brown presentation on a platter...
  9. Uh, guilty. :sad:

    We have a HUGE oven, and it can often fit two roasting pans. I generally cook two 18-20 pound turkeys, and put them in a "roasting bag" to seal the juices. We don't care about the whole "presentation of the bird" so we usually cut it before serving on a platter - Dark meat on one, white on the other.

    We have about 21-25 people (and at times, unexpected guests) and the two birds is enough for left-overs for all!

    Also - if people are coming over and want to take leftovers home, get some "Ziplock" containers or bags. I pack turkey in those and veggies/potatoes/etc in the containers and send people on their way. Keeps me from having to track down my good tupperware!