What size speedy?


Jan 1, 2013
Mersey Shore
So I have enough in my savings account to get a Speedy in Epi. Can afford a 25 but could afford a bigger one at the end of the month.

Just trying to work out what size to get.

Everyday I carry:

Aspinall Wallet
Makeup bag- it is a big "chunky" waffle one from Ralph lauren- foundation, powder, lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, blushes and brushes inside
Car keys with B keyring and fobs for Tesco, Nectar and Blockbuster and a teddy keyring which is bulky.
iPad Mini

And please be honest here- how heavy does it get?


May 4, 2009
Hi mulberrytree, How exciting to be shopping for a Speedy!! is it possible for you to go instore and try the bags for size? I find placing the essential contents of my handbag in the bag I'm looking at instore helps me figure out which is best fit. the SA's are usually helpful and obliging. Unfortunately I can't comment on the 25 size as I only have the 30, and it sounds like you could fit your listed contents nicely in a 30 with plenty of room to move.

and as for heaviness.. It's as heavy as the things that go in it!! I find when fully packing my speedy 30, it gets a bit tiring by the end of the day, but I suppose it might be because there is only two ways to wear the bag, in the crook of the arm or holding it in my hand. sometimes wearing it on the shoulder can provide some variety for me and weight off the arm..

Goodluck and all the best! hope this post helped.


Dec 15, 2012
Hi there. I purchased my Mono Speedy B 26 this past December. I was pleasantly surprised at how much it holds: my Emilie wallet, Coach medium cosmetics bag, Coach pencil case, small moleskin notebook, Coach pochette, my Samsung S3, gloves and hat with room to spare! I consider the 25 to be a medium sized bag. I only had to downsize a teensy bit. Your best bet is to try both the 25 & 30 at the boutique. Good luck!:smile:h


Jul 14, 2012
I have the speedy 30 and find it to be a great size. I put my wallet, cosmetic case, keys on my cles and a bunch of other items and I still have plenty of room. I can even fit my iPad in there and I don't find it to be too heavy at all....