What size So Black Flap to get??

  1. Ok, sorry in advance, I'm sure every other thread on here for the past month has been about the new so black bags. Although I loveeee the black hardware I didn't put in much effort into ordering one for myself because I'm a die hard caviar girl. However, as more time passes and the more pictures I see, the harder it is to get off my mind! My dilemma now is which size so black flap I want to get. I'm debating between the rectangular mini, medium or jumbo. These are the things floating through my head right now about each size..

    - Most of my collection are medium and jumbo flaps, so rectangular mini would be a nice change and I like that it can be worn crossbody, but I worry it may be too small.

    - I had the lambskin chevron medium so black but ended up selling it already. Although I do love the medium size, it just didn't look right to me in all black, not sure if it was because it was all black or the chevron pattern or what?

    - I'm leaning most towards the jumbo, however I already do have a black jumbo in quilted with silver hw. I know the leathers and hardware are different enough to justify having both, but in general they're still both black jumbo bags. So I'm thinking when I'm reaching for a black jumbo, one would probably be forgotten and left behind. ALTHOUGH, I have been wanting to hunt down a black jumbo in chevron with silver hardware, so this purchase might motivate me to get started on that lol.

    Sooo, any thoughts on my dilemma? Crazy thing is I still haven't seen this bag in person, still a bit hesitant about the leather since mostly all I own is caviar. Owners of the new crumpled calf flap, what are your thoughts on the leather? Any input would help.
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    Like you, my bags are mostly M/L n jumbos. I ended up getting the rect mini. Just for variety. It will come in handy :smile:. (Bonus pt: rect mini is 40% cheaper then e bigger counterparts :P)
  3. Jumbo- works cross body and fits more than the mini and M/L
  4. rect mini for sure!! I'm not sure where you're located but i know US is currently almost completely sold out of this size. i believe there are a few square floating around but even these are getting very hard to find......
  5. I have the rectangular mini and I love it! The crumpled calfskin leather is gorgeous - luxurious and durable at the same time.
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  6. I have the medium/large and I love it . The leather is gorgeous! I wasn't sure about it at first from the pictures alone but I really don't think the pictures do it justice. It's really beautiful in real life.
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  7. I love my so black medium/large. The leather is gorgeous I am so happy with it. Good luck on your decision.
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  8. I've been so busy with work I haven't been on here in a while, but to update the thread, I ended up going with the rectangular mini. It's a gorgeous bag but unfortunately it's not making my heart sing. I was hoping to be able to use it cross body but the it doesn't sit right on me :sad: I'm probably going to sell it, but just for eye candy sake

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  9. Beautiful! I've the same and though it works cross body I find that the length of a reissue works much better cross body. I believe the reissue chain length is approx 20-21 while the rectangular is 22-23 inches. Maybe consider the reissue?
  10. I got the medium as I would be using the bag more for evenings. If I had the time again, I would go up a size.
  11. I absolutely ✨ADORE✨ my jumbo classic flap in BLACK crumpled calfskin with BHW:
    Call me crazy but I also have 2 additional BLACK jumbos, yet they each have a very different aesthetic IMHO. :cool:

    My very 1st Chanel bag ever was the jumbo BLACK classic flap with chevron caviar leather & SHW from last year. Then, with the sole intention of adding a ✨TRUE Chanel CLASSIC✨ to my collection, I acquired a jumbo BLACK lambskin classic flap with the "timeless classic" burgundy interior, also in SHW.

    I conducted an experiment and purchased a Chanel lambskin rectangular mini last year given "all the hype". Immediately disappointed, I returned the mini flapbag. For $3,100+USD, Chanel does not emulate the same quality in their mini flap bags as they do with the M/L and jumbo classic flaps. The straps on the mini seem to possess lesser quality; they are smaller "grade" and of less weight. In fact, a number of threads on TPF have posted photos of the leather straps "peeling" on their mini flaps. The lambskin on the same bag released in that same season, in the same color, yet on the M/L and jumbo classic flaps was definitely an elevated version of the leather vs. the leather on the mini.

    I guess my contribution is that you can never have too many beautiful BLACK Chanel handbags. :biggrin: And I also can commiserate with your disappointment after receiving your so-black mini flap. Might you still have time to exchange? :flowers:
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  12. Thank you so much for the informative post Plumeria. You have answered my question about the two sizes and big price difference. I did not make a mistake after all with choosing a smaller classic bag in M/L versus mini.:oh::smile:
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  13. Great insight! I have never seen a mini upclose, never requested to try one, n went straight for the ML. However, the price diff is substantial. Almost can get 2 minis for price of a classic M/L. I didnt know the leather n the chain differed between the 2 and hence price diff.

    But mini is a great first chanel for those who want a classic look but havent saved enough yet..it looks like classic n is just a wee bit smaller. Also, i think minis can crossbody n look casual, fun chic which explains its popularity :smile:.

    Your jumbo so black is a v beautiful n classy piece...n the distressed leather looks v sturdy n lasting!
  14. I considered getting the so black in jumbo but at this point they're impossible to find in store and resellers are selling them for a ridiculous price. Since a majority of my collection are jumbos and M/Ls, I decided to give the mini a try.. having never even seeing it in person yet! My impulse buying got the best of me! But I definitely agree with you, the quality of the mini seems subpar. Unfortunately, I had to go through a personal shopper for mine so no return. I'll just have to resell. I have a jumbo classic flap in black with shw also, and would loveeee to get my hands on the jumbo chevron! It seems we have similar taste ;) Great minds think alike! There's a lot of hype and huge fan base of the minis so it's nice to know I'm not the only who feels the way I do about them.
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  15. All my flaps are M/L and jumbo, mostly M/L because the jumbo can be a bit much at times; however when I got the M/L chevron so black in lamb, it didn't do it for me and told myself if I ever decided to buy another so black I would get a jumbo. I decided to venture out with the rectangular mini this time.. I should've stuck to my guns! I don't know what it is, maybe the all black look, I definitely prefer it in the bigger size.
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