What size should I get?

  1. At first i really didn't like the Chloe Edith bag which is unusual as i love all the other chloe bags (Paddington, Betty and Silverado) but now it has started to grow on me. I have found it in the colour of Whiskey and it looks really nice but comes in two sizes Medium and Large, i am at the height of 5 foot 7 so should i go for the medium or the large.
    Can you help?;)
  2. Thanks i was thinking medium but now you have made me certain
  3. Shoequeen. I agree with Lordguinny that the medium is the best and also most popular size. I am 5'8" and the bag does not overwhelm me nor is it too small. Like the 3 Bears say, 'It is JUUUST RIGHT'! :smile:
  4. Let us know how you like (love!) your medium Edith!
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