What size should i get?

  1. Hi all! I'm about to purchase my very first BV bag! I'm still thinking what size i should get. I wanna get the black hobo either in medium or large. I'm 5'5". any suggestion??

  2. Large definately, the medium is a good size if you want to go from day to night, but the large just fells so drapey and smooshy on your arm.
  3. hi osellehcim, it really depends on the look you're after. if you like the look of slouchy bags go for the large. but if you like something neatly tucked under your arm that isn't too structured, go for the medium. whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with a nero veneta!
  4. I don't carry much and I found the medium too small so I vote for the large size.
  5. osellehcim, definitely a large if you can take it and with your height, I would think you can. I just love the drap-ey and slouchy look of the large, but I can only go for medium as I'm petite and only at 5'2".
  6. osellehcim,
    go and try the bag on in the shop and see for yourself. you will get a good feel of which one suits you better or which one "speaks" better to you...

    good luck and do share pics with us when you get it!
  7. Thank you all for your advise!! Like kopibaby said, I just went to the shop (again) to try them on. I think I want a large nero veneta!!!! I'll let the thought sink-in for a bit before i go take my baby home~ Will upload pictures once I get it! :heart:
  8. Hi osellehcim, the large would be a lot more practical than the medium. Don't worry about your height, my DW is about your height and she carries the large veneta, which looks perfectly sized on her! also, since you're considering the nero, the dark colour does make it look smaller already.
  9. osellehcim, another thought to ponder if you like a cell phone pouch in your bags....the medium doesn't have one and the large does.
  10. True, but the cell phone pocket seems to only fit the smaller/slimmer models. It won't fit my two year old Blackberry, for instance... So a pocket might not be a huge consideration, depending...
  11. I'm with you mistikat...my 2YO Blackberry doesn't fit in many cell phone pockets. I don't think it would even fit the new iPhone either, or a sidekick. So, the phone pocket is not a deal breaker for me.
  12. me too, my cell keeps falling out of the pocket of the large veneta, so i've given up. it now holds my sunnies!
  13. The large size is my suggestion. Otherwise, you won't be able to put it on your shoulder with a heavy sweater or a jacket/coat comfortably--it would be tight. I'm 5'5+" (I give myself every fraction I can!) and tho I no longer have a Veneta, when I did, it was large and it fit nicely.

    When you get one, I hope you share pics with us!
  14. Please post pics when you get her. My large nero veneta is my "Go To" bag. She is perfect year round and for any occasion.
  15. Good choice - I think the large is much more versatile and compared to most bags today, not THAT big. What a great first BV purchase!