What size should I get for Saigon?

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  1. I'm interested in buying myself Saigon mini. I want a new crossbody bag with not-so-soft leather. (I own LV Alma bb and YSL college medium.) So Saigon would be great in my collection. but my friend told me it's not worth the price because of the low quality material. And she suggested if I still wanted to buy Saigon I should go for PM instead.

    Is she right or wrong? Please help. Thank you guys in advance.
  2. I'd love to know as well, I don't hear much about the mini Saigon... Hope someone with the Saigon can come and offer their 2 cents! I love the look of the mini Saigon and have been watching out for it for a while.

    I'm not a fan of the two wooden pieces in the front of the PM size. Recently watched a youtuber talk about the mini saigon and I think she said it fits around as much as her mini classic flaps from Chanel.
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  3. I can't find the Saigon review video in YouTube with English subtitle. I'll be so happy if you could give me the link! Thank you in advance.
  4. Erm... I'm bilingual and watched the video in mandarin, I don't think there's English subtitles at all... :sad: Sorry about that. There are certain bags that I can really only find reviews for in mandarin and the Saigon is one of them, I feel that the market is different! Another bag I found a lot of reviews for in mandarin is the Valextra Iside bag but barely any in english at all. Do you happen to speak mandarin? If you type in youtube search for "goyard saigon", a lot of content immediately pops up in mandarin, not sure if it works that way for everybody.
  5. I own a mini Saigon, I actually love it. I don’t think that it’s made of low material. It’s best to buy it Europe. It’s expensive to buy it in US. I heard that you to be in the wait list to get it here in US.
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  6. How much was it the mini in Europe?
  7. awww I hate wait list so much :sad:
  8. I was told by a goyard SA that a hard mini Saigon will be coming out later this year.. I hope that’s true!!
  9. I think I bought it for 1600 euros, minus the 12% VAT