What size Purseket?

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  1. I am getting a large blac Carly this week so I am wondering what size I should get for it...Also I just won a medium Carly (my khaki/angora!!!! YES!!!) and what size would I get for her? Would the size that fits in the large Caerly be the same for the large sig stripe totes as well?
  2. If you or anyone you know can manage their way around a sewing machine- these are super easy to make- then you can make them in every color/matching combo for each purse. I can't sew that straight of a line, but it doesn't matter because they still come out looking fab- and they won't cost you more than $15 to make...but i digress...:shame:

    I sewed them between 32-36 inches long, then depending on the height of the bag- most I used 1/4 a yard of fabric, then when you fold it over, it comes to about 4.5-5 inches high. On the large Carly, though, I might even go for a 6-7 inch tall one- if Purseket makes them that tall, just so you have good structure- but still get the slouch.

    Hope that helps!
  3. if you search within the coach forum there is a thread or two. I want to say you need a med purseket for the large carly but something is telling that is wrong.
  4. here is a picture from the forum

    This is the Large Carly with a Large Purseket!! Attached Thumbnails [​IMG]
  5. i use a medium in mine with no problems.
  6. Would the medium also fit the medium Carly?
  7. from the picture you can see a large fits the large better, This is the Large Carly with a Large Purseket!! [​IMG]

    so a med it will be perfect from a med carly. A med purseket in the large isnt going to go all the way around the large carly.
  8. Thanks for all your help! I just wish they are so expensive for a piece of fabric. Oh well!
  9. 22 $ isnt that much, when you think its lined with a stiff plastic to keep it standing.
    If you can sew and have a machine its worth trying to make one yourself... keep in mind they are on eBay as well,
  10. I wish I was crafty lol I could make anything for my lil bags!
  11. This is my bag and yep it's the large purseket. It overlaps a bit so you lose one pocket, but I like that it overlaps. It helps keep the shape nice all the way around the bag. Not sure how much different the medium would be.
  12. think you better change your signature to say "NO BAN till PCE" LOL....:p

  13. So a large
    The Large measures: 8" high from top of key post x 36" long.
    and a Medium measures 7" hi from top of Key Post x 26" long.

    Therefore a med will not go all the way around a large as the pocket isnt 10" wide. A med will be perfect for a med carly and should go all the way around.
    Med carly
    15 (L) x 9 1/2 (H) x 5 (W)
    Large carly 17 (L) x 13 (H) x 6 (W)

  14. HAHA!!! Well I am exchanging a bag I bought and never used for the black large Carly. And I had to get the khaki/angora off eBay because 1) it was cheap and 2) it is sold out! Hehe so I am still kinda banned!
  15. I just posted this in another thread. I have a chameleon in my large chocolate carly. I love it!!!
    Here is where I got it: http://www.chameleoninserts.com/
    Oh, and I got the large, it also fits well in my small sig. strip tote bag. But I love it in my carly...here are some pics....