What size purseket for speedy 30?

  1. Which size is best for speedy 30? Medium or Large?
  2. Large.:yes:
  3. SEARCH! its a great tool :yes:
  4. I use a medium size in my MC Speedy, works beautifully.
  5. Large
  6. I have a medium for my speedy 30. works fine :smile:
  7. I have a medium and a speedy 30. I find my medium is too small for anything but my speedy 25. It doesn't meet at the edges and ends up falling inward, if that makes sense. I think the large is much better for a speedy 30.
  8. Another vote for large ! I have a medium in my cerises though, but of course that's a 25
  9. this might need to be a sticky subject up in shopping or ref. if we can make a compendium of all the pix and opinions and leave it, it would be quite helpful!
  10. large! i use large for speedy 30,and it's great for speedy 30 and totes :smile:
  11. I think large :shrugs:
  12. I'd say large.