What size purseket do you use...

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  1. in your petite noe?? :shrugs: Is it helpful and how does it fit? TIA! :smile:
  2. i dont do purseket, sorry :smile:
  3. this is a medium in my petit noe.

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  4. Thanks!
  5. Have two leopard ones in medium and large... Don't use them... Don't have a Noe...
  6. I use a medium in most of my bags. They are dang useful.
  7. I have a medium - I don't ever use it. The pockets aren't tall enough for my things and they fall over the top.
  8. i purchased a large purseket for my mono speedy 30, and i don't like it at all ... it's too big the pockets are too deep i can't see anything .. just don't like it!