what size paddinton to buy

  1. Hi just wantedring if any one knows if i get a mini paddington would the straps go over my arms, or is it only a handheld bag? many thanx in advance!:lol:
  2. it's only handheld for sure but the cutest thing.
  3. I just purchased the medium paddington from a member. In my opinion, the mini and medium are hand held bags.
  4. There are many differing opinions as to whether the baby, or medium paddy satchel can fit on the shoulder.:yes:

    For me personally, i can fit the medium paddy over my shoulder, very comfortably - but not when wearing a huge coat.
    So it's *primarily* a hand held, or crook of arm bag in the winter.
    Summer, no problem!

    The baby paddy is smaller than the medium, so i would think this problem would only be worse! However, some say they can wear it on the shoulder for brief periods.

    This thread may help you.:smile:

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