what size of Balenciaga handbags do you have?

  1. help...

    i just ordered a small black Balenciaga in NM, but not sure if it's a good size for everyday use. i usually have a wallet, cellphone, makeups in my handbag.

    probably a medium size will work better for me?


    :lol: Happy Shopping!
  2. hey there!

    i have a City/Med Black and a Twiggy cornflower...

    i have heaps of stuff! and I mean heaps... I probably should up grade to a WORK one... :shame:

    from the sounds of your list the FIRST sounds pretty good! :amuse:

    good luck and congrats on your first b-bag!!! oh yeah, you should have a look in showcase, some of use have stuck up pics of our b-bags....
  3. I actually carry a black weekender or as some call it the voyage bag. I carry it everwhere its one of my favorite bags. I also have 3 other balenciagas in the medium size. I like to carry my entire life in my bags.:biggrin:
  4. Pinkie...I have a black small Motorcycle, and I put a ton on stuff in it...wallet phone, snacks, small planner, ipod, and some makeup...its plenty big!!!
  5. I have my First (small size) in apple green and I have the City in Lindsey Lohans o4' Lilac. They are both AWSOME sizes.
  6. I have a bordeaux first and loving it! It's pretty roomy for a small bag. Great for everyday use if you're like me, only carry a long wallet, a compac powder, lipgloss/chapstick, keys, pack of gum, and a cell phone. I tend to NOT like big bags since it's a burden for me to walk around with it. lol
  7. thanks all! i think i will still get the small size. it's my first balenciagas. ya!
  8. Does anyone have a pic for size comparison? I've been trying really hard to like Balenciaga bags, so I guess it would be nice to know what size I want in the event that I decide to buy one :lol:
  9. 2blue.jpg








    I know there are others, but these are the basics for now.
  10. I have a first/small in apple green. It fits all my junk comfortably.
  11. <--- this is the Work/Office bag
  12. I have the medium/City which fits all my stuff (my so called wallet is 10-1/2 inch long!). I'm looking to either get a Work or Weekender.
  13. a choc city, an apple green office and a magenta twiggy.
  14. I have a teal twiggy. It's very roomy, I can put everything in it and it still isn't full but my next purchase will be a city. I think I prefer the city shape
  15. City: Black, Ink, Cornflower Blue, Bordeaux, Rouge, Caramel
    Day/Hobo: Black

    Have also tried twiggy, work, and purse styles.

    City is my personal favorite b-bag...