What size Neverfull is this?

  1. I was planning on buying the GM, but if this one is the MM, then it's plenty big enough for me.
    Scarlett Neverfull..jpg
  2. I do believe that's the MM.

    The GM is gigantic.
  3. Gosh, I'm 5'2". Will the GM drown me?
  4. i'm 5'1 and the mm is perfect for me!
  5. Definately the MM. I'm 5'3" and it's fine for my size. The GM is huge and definately is not an "everyday" bag unless you carry the kitchen sink with you! I would use the GM for more of a traveling tote bag.
  6. That's the MM. The GM is way too big!
  7. That is the MM. You can tell because on the GM, the ponchette won't touch the bottom.

    I have the GM and I love it because we use it for when we go out shopping, etc. For a purse though MM is the right size.
  8. Will the MM fit in a couple of A4 sized files?