What size Muse?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm sure there has probably been a thread on this before but I could really use some help on deciding what size Muse to go with. I live in Australia so I have to have the bag shipped to me from overseas and want to get it right. I've already decided to go with chocolate but am not sure whether to go large of oversized. I do like big bags but don't want to look like I'm carrying an overnight bag. In saying that, if the bag isn't big enough I will be disappointed - confused?!?!?!
  2. I love big bags also. I would get a large, it's not too big and just the perfect size IMO.
  3. Get oversize one.I think muse looks great with oversize design.:nuts: I love my choco oversize one...
  4. Mink Pink, how big of a bag do you like? For us to have a better idea, you can list some bags that you are comfortable with so (in terms of size). Last but not least, how tall are you?
  5. XL!!! There's a reason I think all the celebs have this size.
  6. Bag Lover, thanks for your help. I am 166cm tall and other bags I have include Chloe Paddington (choc and whiskey), Large Chloe Silverado, Marc Jacobs Stam (black and putty), Marc Jacobs Blake, Botkier Trigger (black and brown) and Botkier Large Bianca Satchel as well as Louis Vuitton Botignolles Horizontal. I am comfortable carrying all of these.
  7. =) Many celebs/models are very slender/tall (5'6 & up for celebs, 5'8 / 5'10 for models), XL wouldn't overwhelm them. =)
  8. ^^ She's great isn't she?? The Muse expert! :smile: ^^
  9. ^^I disagree. I don't think Madonna, Lohan or Sienna Miller are all that tall and they all look great with the XL muse.:suspiciou
  10. Madonna, Lindsay, and Sienna are all around 5-5, which I think is fine for the XL. They are also skinny which makes them look even taller. I am only 5-3 and personally, I think an oversize Muse would overwhelm me.
  11. I don't think that we should all be looking at celebs and buying whatever they're buying...for whatever reason:P .

    Mink Pink there are some threads on here with PF members carrying their muses...

    The XL is bigger than most other bags you will have carried,but it is striking and beautiful.

    The Large is also a big everyday bag,but the size is not as striking and the oversized.

    I have the large and I love it...and just yesterday someone posted a pic of herself looking great with XL.

    Good luck...I know what it's like to have to order bags sight unseen!!
  12. Mink Pink, I looked up some pictures of celebs who are about your height. According to imdb.com, Jessica Alba's height is 1.69M (5ft 6.5in). Take a look at Oversize. =)

    Full-body shot
  13. ^^ very professional help:biggrin: .
  14. Demi Moore (5ft 5in, 1.65m) & ? (Large or Oversize)???
  15. ^oversize:biggrin: