What size Kelly is closet to a 31cm Bolide??

  1. I know that in terms of cms it is probabably a 32cm Kelly.
    But does anyone have both bags??
    When you put two different styles together despite their stated sizes they look totally different.
    Does anyone own a 31cm Bolide and a Kelly??
    Sorry to be pestering you all for so many things.:heart:
    My 31cm Bolide mou is perfect for me, what size Kelly retourne is closest??
  2. Yes!! I would say the Mou Bolide 31 is closest to the Kelly Retourne 32. And, they are totally different, you're right!

    The Bolide style was my first love, the Kelly my second.....still love them both!
  3. I would have said the interior of a 31 bolide is more like a 28cm kelly but the exterior is more like a 32cm kelly. In a bolide there is some wasted space at the bottom sides and top third, whereas in a kelly you get fuller utilization of the interior.