What size Keepall is best for travel use?

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  1. I want to purchase a Keepall for travel - to use as an overnight bag plus carry on luggage when flying - does anyone know what is the maximum size you can take on a flight as hand luggage - I am travelling from Australia.

    Would appreciate any input from anyone that has one.
  2. I would recommend the 50 or 55.
  3. 55 is the biggest you can bring with you.
  4. I have the 45, and I use it as an overnight bag and carry-on for flights. Sometimes I wish I had the 50, but the 45 is heavy enough, and I have a habit of packing too much into it anyway. I have seen people carry the 50 and 55 on without a problem.
  5. Ok I think I'm part of those who carry a LOT of things when they travel ! lol
    If you don't care about bringing your Keepall with you, take the 60, BUT if you want to bring it with you, then take the 55, but don't forget to buy a Keepall WITH a strap !!! It's so much practical...
  6. I too would recommend the 55.
  7. I have been lusting after these and I think the 50 is the perfect size- not too big, not too small. Do I sound like Goldilocks or what?
  8. 50
  9. I have the 55 It fits perfectly for traveling weekends...:love: I'd recommend that size as well..
  10. I had checked with a couple of the major airlines and the dimensions of the 55 is the biggest they allow (its actually .2 of an inch too big on ONE side for some airlines but since it's soft sided you could make it fit, I imagine).
  11. I just bought my Damier 55 tonight! The SA told me that was the biggest size you can carry on.
  12. I'm so envious! I need one of those so badly...I may wait until after X-mas though!
  13. I would suggest the 55. IMO is the perfect size. I love it because i can carry all my valuables and still have room left in case i decide to buy some extra goodies ,lol
  14. I've used my keepall 60 avec boulandrier as a carry on many times. (i've had it for 7 years) and i've used it on flight domestic and international (japan europe africa) so i don't think the 60 is completely carryon unfriendly. I have been asked to check it once or twice but i just say this bag cost x$ and i won't. And i didn't have to LOL.
  15. I say the 55 also ... great size imo.