what size is this speedy?

  1. [​IMG]

    i think it is a 35 - cut can't tell, it looks too small to be a 30, or is it a 40? I love the size!!

    Bagsnbags - thanks for posting all those celebs with speedys - so many great shots!!!!!
  2. looks like 35 to me, but she must have almost nothing in it....lol...no sag at all.
  3. thanks, that was my 1st guess too - but then again she is tiny, so any size but the 25 is going to look enormous on her!! Thanks!!!
  4. Here's a new question...if you had your choice of 3 things in the photo - which would you take.... Beckham, the Range Rover or the Speedy? HA! HA!

    ...I'll start, I'd take the Range Rover!!! Even though Beckham is hot, I don't think I could live under scruenity all the time!! HA! HA!
  5. The Speedy.
  6. its a 35!!
  7. Beckham!!
  8. 35 or 40 =]
  9. Beckham and ask him to buy me a Range Rover and speedy:graucho:
  10. None of the above? :p I want Victoria. :drool:
  11. Definitely not the Range Rover, cuz mine has had the same roof leak since my DH got it for me two years ago. The dealer thought they fixed it all 5 times we brought it in. We gave up so now I just don't drive it when it rains! :sad:

    Sorry...got off track, THE SPEEDY definitely!!!
  12. I would take the Range Rover...I already have a hot husband and a speedy!
  13. I think it is a 35.
  14. lol!
  15. David Beckham, have some fun, then divorce him in California.:graucho: Alimony central, lol.