what size is this flap bag?

  1. Thanks!
  2. Violet Med/Large Classic Flap
  3. that's correct....it's the past season....in fact, there are many pfers are hunting for this!
  4. Well I'll just add in my two cents since the question was already answered.. Mischa looks so chic in this pic!
  5. i have those loubs in the photo mischa's wearing ;) i love that bag! it's plum and it's hot!
  6. yep, I had this as my screensave for a good while :biggrin:

    I think the best we can hope is that the new violet reissue for 2008 will be something just as gorgeous as this, sigh ;)
  7. Is it lambskin or caviar?
  8. Oh yeah,,,this is what got me to Chanel :heart: though I didn't aware of this beautiful purple flap until early this year, which also mean I can't get one now... :sad:
  9. i think it's in caviar.
  10. Mischa is a queen of Chanel bags.

    :heart: her bag.
  11. Violet Med/Large Caviar Classic Flap