What size is this birkin???

  1. heyyyy can someone tell me what size this birkin is?

  2. 35cm
  3. whats it called? i mean if i wana order it?

    is it clemence leather?
  4. 35cm - I think I see a bit of spine down the middle. Chevre de Coromandel?

    Or is it more of an epsom?

    Can't tell with that much reflection. Could be either.
  5. yeah, i see a spine too. plus, nice sheen, structured look...could be chevre.
  6. 35cm. I see the spine too so I think it could well be Chevre de Coromandel.
  7. I think Nicole has gotten herself a new Birkin. I have seen pictures of her from a year or two ago, and her Birkin was eihther clemence or togo--very floppy, not like this bag with excellent posture.
  8. I recalled that it is 30 Epsom Birkin with GH.
  9. I always thought that it was a 35cm chevre. But I'm no leather expert.