What Size is this Birkin?

It could be a 40, but I think it's also the fact that the photo is taken from below ,that makes the bag look bigger and the woman smaller...if you see what I mean..:biggrin:
It definitely looks big...I'd say has to be a 40 and duna is right the way the angle of the photo was taken. I also noticed what may be a huge diamond ring on her finger...that was a WOW as well.
It looks like a 40 to me. Not an ideal size for everyday. It'll make a cool & classy hand-luggage or overnighter though.

Maybe that's why she didn't have to wait...it's not a popular size.
I agree it is a 40. I had one in rouge vif clemence and it was too heavy for an everyday bag. I did liketo carry it when I was pregnant though as it made me look smaller.:shame: