What size is the most popular Speedy

  1. Hi Ladies I am thinking of getting a speedy & can not decide on which size to get, I see lots of women with these bags & wondered what size they are carrying. I would also really appreciate some advice on which size is best, most of my bags are quite big, I own Balenciagas, YSL Muse medium size & wanted something similar in size.:yahoo:, I do own a LV Petite Elipse & a Petite Bucket bag & I find these too small, I dont use them anymore & ive had them for 10years which is a shame but they just seem too small as I seem to prefer a larger bag.
  2. I think the most popular are either 30 or 35. Most of the Speedys I see are of this size. The best thing to do is check it out in store.
  3. I think that the most popular size currently is the 30, but I keep hearing tPFers chat about wanting a 35. They seem to be growing in popularity! I've even been eyeing one myself in azur! :graucho:
  4. I think a 35....but just a guess based on conversations I read here. 30 would be very popular as well.
  5. 30 seems to be the most common to me.
  6. S30
  7. Speedy 30...which in my opinion is perfect!!!
  8. I see more 30s on the street than anything else. I see quite a few 25s as well - I would have gotten one myself if the opening hadn't been so small.
  9. in my country, speedy 30. but I see a lot of 35 also.
  10. i would think 30. though 35 is my fav :smile:
  11. IMO it is the 30
  12. I think it's the speedy 30
  13. Yep its the 30...
  14. 30
  15. 30 is most popular but if you want a large bag get 40 or 35