what size is the cambon camera case handbag?

  1. Does anyone own this size that can tell me m/l the size of it - must decide on one this afternoon??????is it a practical size??????????
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Thanks so much, it does not seem teeny-tiny.....thanks again
  4. Your welcome!:biggrin: Best of luck.
  5. can you shorten the straps of this bag? or do u really have to wear it across your shoulder? :smile:
  6. I don't think you can shorten the straps, and it is meant to be worn messenger style.
  7. It may be meant to be worn messenger style...but it's not comfortable :cry: I personally find the straps a tad too short to be worn messenger style, I prefer to just wear it on my shoulder and have the bag fall at my hip.
  8. What is the retail price of the camera bag?
  9. $1450.