What size is Rachel Bilson's reissue?

  1. Can you tell what size this is based on the picture? Thanks!

  2. At a guess I'd say a 255, Rachel Bilson is pretty tiny!
  3. always think she looks fab!
  4. That is a HYBRID bag and NOT a reissue. It's a MEDIUM HYBRID.
  5. 255 is not a size.:shrugs: Are you thinking of 225?
  6. this thread would probably merge with the many others that have been posted! hehe i just love that outfit combo with the hybrid!
  7. Sorry - I meant hybrid!!!:shame:
  8. i've seen it in store. it's a medium hybrid, about the reuissue size 226.
  9. She does look great. Rachel makes a simple button-up shirt and jeans look fantastically chic. I need to start working out again, lol.
  10. Sorry for the typo Mon, of course I meant 225 lol. But it is a hybrid as the others have so rightly said!
  11. i agree with Mon. it is the Dark White Medium Hybrid:yes:
  12. Lovely bag...it looks size 226 to me!