What size is my reissue?

  1. I bought it from Saks last year at this time, but the box isn't marked anywhere. It's 12" wide x 8 " tall x 3" deep. See attached. Thanks!!!
  2. 11" wide is 226
    12 1/2 wide is a 227
  3. ok, i think it must be a 226. thanks!
  4. From your pics. it does look like a 226 size, is this the anniversary edition??
  5. i love all reissue pics! ~ it's gorgeous!
  6. it is! i really want a black metallic reissue though, in a larger size. (i just can't fit everything into this one!) the new ones are so expensive though that i was thinking of reselling the grey one to help defray the cost. since it's the anniv addition though, i think i'd be crazy to do that. do you agree?
  7. from your pic it looks like a 226:yes:
  8. congrats on such a rare to find bag!:nuts:Definitely a keeper!:yes:
  9. speaking as one who missed out on the '06 bordeaux :love: ~ once you've found one ~ hang on to it forever! ~ :tup:
  10. Yes, I'd agree. Keep it, it's gorgeous.
  11. [​IMG]

    Congrats, i love ur reissue bag:love:

    Looks like size 227 if it's abt 12.5" L:heart:
  12. I can understand that but i wuld rather u don't sell it as it's worth keeper esp the grey one. Lots of pfers are lookin for one and u shld know it's rare:flowers:
  13. Gorgeous bag. I've been wanting a gray one for a while now.
  14. keep it!!!
  15. ok, i understand how rare it is and that it will only increase in value... thank you for all of the advice! i won't do anything rash :smile: