What size is best for school?

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  1. To carry college books..etc?? THanks!
  2. I would say one of those big bags...like a Campeggio or a Scuola.
  3. your best options would be: campeggio or buon viaggio if you're not looking for a backpack. i saw some great sucola deals on ebay last night though.
  4. Thanks...yeah I don't want a backpack:smile:
  5. go with buon viaggio!! i :heart: mine so much. bubbles posted a pic elsewere of a BV with school books in it.
  6. I use my Buon Viaggio for school, I find that it's the perfect size!
  7. i say campeggio but thats cause i dont own a BV
  8. Bv is good for books, but not crazy heavy science textbooks. I feel like my bag is going to rip and the book will fall through!
  9. campeggio is perfect except you gotta tilt your binders to the side then tilt again to get it in but they fit. i love mine!
  10. When Fall semester starts, I'm gonna use my BV and trenino!! :biggrin: The trenino is very roomy and a little smaller than you think it is. A campeggio looks good too!! But I dont have one.. so I cant really say.. but the other tPFers are saying that its good!! :smile:
  11. either BV or campeggio, but i prefer BV because campeggio's strap is longer it tends to make the bag filled with books/binder heavier compared to BV with short strap. If u know what i mean ....
  12. I think a campeggio would be good for binders and notebooks, but I don't know if textbooks are little too heavy. Maybe see if you know anyone who has some and try them out? Worse comes to worse, you can always buy a couple of bags, test them at home, then return the ones you don't want to keep.
  13. Would the Cucciolo be too big for a school type bag? I wanted to get something BIG in spiaggia in order to get the entire print. :-/
  14. I think Bubblesung said she used the cucciolo for school. It can COMFORTABLEY fit a laptop and I'm sure it has tons of room leftover (considering it is bigger than the campeggio and mine has some room leftover after I put my laptop in there with it's sleeve).
  15. i think campieggio will make a great school bag ;)