What size is Amanda's vintage flap?

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  1. Hi! Just curious as to what size this is, jumbo or XL? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. It's the XL :heart:
  3. ^ Really? I have both & thought it was the Jumbo. The XL is longer in length so the shape looks more rectangular to me (see pics of Victoria Beckham & Nicole Richie). The Jumbo is a bit shorter in length so the shape looks more square to me (like Amanda's). I guess the size of the bag is all relative to the size of the person wearing it.
  4. It is definitely the XL :yes: It does look smaller on her doesn't it. But the obvious difference is, the Jumbo has stitching around the edges of the flap, while on the XL it's plain as you can see from the picture. Also the proportion of the CC against the size of the bag.
  5. ^ :yes: yup, she's right!