what size for white reissue? 226? 227? 228?

  1. white reissue has a tinge of gold with gh, which is good for semi formal dinners to casual times.
    what size is perfect from day to night time?
    i already have 2 size 226 and 1 227 or 228? please help me decide..

    i personally think 228 is too big but i dunnol. tell me what you think? thx in advance.
  2. I agree 228 is too big for semi formal. 226 would be best for semi formal occasions but 227 could also work as a day to evening bag. White is a fabulous color !
  3. thx lucci =)
    you have a fantastic collection there =) are u getting any from ss08?
    i feel that i have to many 226 already...i want 227 but i dont know if i might regret it because i can not wear it to more formal dinner.
  4. Why can't you wear the 227 to a formal dinner? I do not own any so I am asking for help making a size decision. The pictures online look like the sizes are really close. Based on pictures the 225 looks more like a typical formal type bag.
  5. Guess it depends on your size/height, too. 227 looks too big for "evening" but I'm a small girl. I'd go for 226.
  6. I have a light gold reissue in 227, i have worn it to many cocktail/formal dinner, just not for black tie! an I am on;y 5"3'
  7. I think the 227 size is a great size that can be worn day to evening. I think the 226 is definitely more formal. The 228 is quite large, and I don't use that bag for more formal times.

  8. Thanks! Well, nothing in the SS/08 sings to me and I have so many flaps and reissues but none that I'd want to let go of for the new bags so it looks like Im safe for a little bit. Im not crazy about all the metallic, not that its not pretty, I just wouldnt have much use for it unless its for the holidays. Colors are definitely plentiful this season though and I do enjoy looking at everyone's purchases!

    I'd say go for 227. I find 227 is so versatile!:tup: