What size for a second Neverfull?

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  1. Hello dear TPFers...

    I have a dilemma and I can't seem to make up my mind! I hope you guys can help me!

    I have a Damier Ebene Neverfull GM and I love it! But now I got obsessed with the Monogram Neverfull and I plan to buy it by this weekend or next week! But I just don't seem to know if I should get the MM or another GM!

    I'm leaning towards the MM since it has more an everyday bag size, but the GM size is just so fabulous! I don't know what to do!!

    I hope you can help me decide!!

    Thank you so much!!
  2. I would say if you just want any everyday bag to get the MM. It's not super small so you can still take it on small trips. The GM can tend to look really big on some people but is good for packing a lot of things in it. :smile:
  3. well, in nf i always prefer the GM size. i love big shoulder bags and i agree with you that it is more fabulous. if i wanted a smaller size bag, i would probably go with sth else not a nf.
  4. How about an MM since you already have a GM?
    Good luck deciding!!!
  5. in the NF i prefer the GM also... i think the MM looks to small!! besides you can clinch in the sides and make the GM look smaller (too bad i can't do that with my sides :roflmfao::roflmfao:)!!!!
  6. Gm!! :love:
  7. Go with another GM I think the neverfull looks best in this size. Good luck deciding.
  8. GM is winning so far!! I think I like it! Thank you so much girls!!
  9. Hi Vanessa! I am currently debating the same!! I also own the NF DE in GM size and want to add a mono as well. The reason I am considering GM over MM in mono is because I used to own a NF DE MM and didn't like the way it looked cinched in - too small. I prefer the versatility of the GM - wear it open or cinch it in - it can size down to MM cinched.

    Now to find one w/out the darn cloth tag! Impossible here in the states.
  10. I love the MM size because I think it is just perfect. Not too big not too small.
  11. Hello Roey dear!!!

    Omg!!! You're so right!! And I agree with you on the cinched part but when I tried on the DE MM at the store I thought it was too small and that's why I decided on the GM, but I don't know about the Mono now... Cause I think it looks bigger no? I don't know it's an optical illusion hahahahahaa ayy friend! Let me know what you decide on!!

    I know about the clothe tags!! Here in Mexico we don't but I wish I could help you on that! Whateber let me know!!
  12. Hola amiga

    I vote for the MM
  13. I vote kusama (only MM) :P
  14. That's true! You're so right! They look fab when they're big... the problem is I bought a Delightful thinking I could sustitute my Mono NF desire but didn't work...:roflmfao: what other bag you'd suggest?
  15. Hahahaha dear you made my laugh so bad!!! hahahahahahhaa You're right!!! The bigger the better... I wish I could cinch my sides too :sad: hahahahaha :roflmfao: